How to use our Food Tracker

Doctor Jay

Food counting is not an exact science.  Research states that calorie counters typically underestimate the amount of food being tracked.  On top of that, are you really going to track your food intake everyday for the rest of your life.  

We want to introduce you to some simple easy to remember ways to count your calories.  So unlike other calorie trackers, we don’t have 100 different type of vegetables or 50 different choices of chicken or beef depending on baked, broiled, fried or grilled.  You can call it a "guesstimation calorie tracker."  Let's be honest. Unless your food was prepackaged with calorie information or you measured all of your ingredients to a science, we are all "guesstimating" the total calories in our food.  Aren't we?

Don't try to memorize the whole thing all at once.  Just try and apply it gradually and the numbers will just stick.


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